Analogue refractometer KERN ORA

Analogue refractometer KERN ORA

Refractive index measurement for laboratories and the industry


  • The KERN ORA refractometers are universal, maintenance free analogue handheld refractometers
  • The handy and robust design allows the easy, efficient and sustainable use in everyday life
  • Manually calculated conversions and errors of the user are avoided by multiple selectable scales
  • These scales are especailly developed, exactly calculated and checked. They are also characterized by their thin and clear lines
  • The optical system and the prism cover are made of special material which allows a low-tolerance measuring
  • All ORA models are equipped with an eyepiece for easy and smooth setting for many different diopter strengths
  • The models marked with “ATC” have an automatic temperature compensation which enables accurate measurement at different ambient temperatures (10 °C/30 °C)
  • The follwoing accessory-parts are included:
    -Storage box
    -Calibration liquid
    -Calibration block (if required) -Pipette
    -Small screwdriver
    -Cleaning tissue
  • Further accessories are available optionally

Technical data

  • Die-cast housing of copper-aluminium alloy, chrome coated
  • Measurement temperature without ATC: 20 °C
  • Measurement temperature range with ATC: 10 °C/30 °C · Dimensions of the box: 205×75×55 mm (depending on the model)
  • Product length: approx. 130 – 200 mm (depending on the model)
  • Net weight approx. 135 – 600 g (depending on the model)


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