BIO-JR – Portable Spraying System Goodway


BIO-JR – Portable Spraying System

The BIO-JR is a portable hand or shoulder carried chemical spraying system, designed for quick and effective spraying of chemical products on a variety of surfaces. This fully portable system offers 110 psi (7.6 bar) power, at 0.34 GPM (1.29 liter) flow rate. BIO-JR can be used with ready to use chemicals, or concentrates. It includes 3.3. Gallon (12.5 liters) tank that can be used for “ready to use” chemical, or for water. It also includes a 1.75 quart (1.65 liters) chemical concentrate tank that allows for the adjustable metering of chemicals from a 30:1 to 6:1 ratio.

The BIO-JR is powered by a long-lasting 12v deep cycle rechargeable battery. It kills and eliminates 99.9% of cold viruses and flu viruses commonly found on surfaces.


BIOSPRAY-TOWER is a broad spectrum commercial disinfectant. It kills and eliminates 99.9% of cold viruses and flu viruses commonly found on hospital surfaces. Kills 19 microorganisms and is tough on germs, easy on surfaces and is approved for use in HVAC systems. This one step cleaning and disinfecting solution can be used in a variety of hard non-porous surfaces to clean and disinfect like the exterior of appliance, counters, waste containers, doorknobs and more. This product can be used on non-food contact and food contact surfaces when following the appropriate directions. It can be used as an effective non-food contact surface sanitizer that leaves surfaces sanitized with no pre-cleaning required. It also kills 99.999% of Bacteria on hard non-porous surfaces when food contact surface sanitation instructions are followed.


Complete kit for disinfecting evaporator and condenser coils.
For portable spraying of ready-to-use and concentrated chemicals
BioSpray Tower kills and disinfects 99% of Norovirus and Infuenza on hard non-porous surfaces
BioSpray Tower is EPA registered 82972-1-83022



HVAC Maintenance and Coil Cleaning With The Coil Pro Jr from GoodwayTechnologies on Vimeo.

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