Buckwheat Machines SP-H


The buckwheat machines SP-H is developed to remove the peel from the buckwheat without breaking it, safeguarding the grain.

Thanks to its special rotor shelling system, buckwheat is dehulled without damage or breakage, thanks also to a digital system for adjusting the number of revolutions. The grains that are not shelled on the first pass pass through a grille or an octagonal cylinder (for larger models) that calibrates them and retrieves them to bring back the grits still dressed to the decortication chamber.

A fan sucks the skins that are expelled outside, while the shelled beans come out of the front chute.

The buckwheat machines SP-SERIES exists in three versions based on the hourly flow rate:

buckwheat machine SP-X: about 10 kg / hour

buckwheat machine SP-30M: about 30 kg / hour

buckwheat machine SP-34H: about 60 kg / hour


Video of the SP-H



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