Coil Cleaner Goodway CC-100


It’s no wonder why the CC-100 CoilPro® has every feature you’re looking for in a portable backpack cleaner. The reason is because it was designed with input directly from customers like you. Get the full cleaning power of larger units plus complete freedom of motion thanks to a rechargeable battery and an on-board water reservoir. Chemical cleaning is as easy as pushing a button with an integrated chemical tank and control wand. A gallon of CoilShine® cleaning solution is included for tough, fume-free cleaning. An optional dolly makes the CC-100 ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Technical Features

  • Deep cycle 12 V rechargeable battery
  • Integrated 5 gallon water tank and 3 quart chemical tank
  • Button to inject chemicals at 6:1 ratio (can be factory adjusted)
  • 18″ wand and three custom nozzles
  • Optional wheel and dolly kit
  • Wide variety of custom attachments


Coil Cleaning with Goodway’s Coil Pro from GoodwayTechnologies on Vimeo.


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