Coil Cleaner Goodway CC-140


Beware of “coil cleaners” that can actually damage coils and create noxious fumes. The award-winning CC-140 CoilPro® applies a thick layer of non-fuming CoilShine® expanding foam cleaner to loosen stuck-on deposits right before your eyes. With pressure regulation at your fingertips, you can quickly flush loosened deposits down the condensate drain without damaging the delicate fins or overwhelming the drain pan. And since dirty coils won’t come to you, the CoilPro includes a built in ergonomic dolly with stair glides. For total mobility, just flip a switch and go from AC power to the on-board 12 V rechargeable battery. A control valve allows you to choose from a garden hose water supply or either of the two integrated tanks.

Technical Features

  • Deep cycle 12 V rechargeable battery or AC power input
  • Integrated 5 gallon water tank and 5 gallon chemical tank
  • Control valve to inject chemicals at 6:1 ratio (can be factory adjusted)
  • 18″ wand and four custom nozzles
  • Heavy-duty ergonomic cart with stair glides
  • Wide variety of custom attachments



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