Coil Cleaner Goodway CC-200


The CC-200 and the latest innovation in the CoilPro® line, the CC-201T, makes on-the-go cleaning of coils in mini split systems, PTAC’s and interior air handlers fast and easy. Both machines combine a custom pump system, portable design and unique tableted cleaner/bio growth inhibitor in one easy-to-use machine. The CC-200 and CC-201T are safe-on-coils and have a pressurized water system to remove dirt, dust, and debris from a variety of coils. They also offer the convenience of a built-in storage tank that holds 30,3 liters of water, or you can attach it to a water source for continuous cleaning. Plus, the CC-200 also includes a powerful wet/dry vacuum that can be used to dry clean coils and remove water residue after cleaning. But we’ve saved the best for last, COILSHINE-T. These powerful tablet-based coil cleaners deliver all the powerful cleaning and protection capabilities of our COILSHINE liquid cleaner at a fraction of the size and weight.

Technical Features

  • Complete, industrial coil cleaning system
  • Powerful, yet safe 13,8 BAR, 3.41 LPM coil cleaning pressure with 30,3 liter tank or continuous water supply
  • 170 m 3/h wet/dry integrated vacuum system with 26,5 liter capacity. (Only CC-200)
  • Uses unique COILSHINE-T tablet system (cleaner and bio protectant)
  • Distinctive design accommodates all accessories CC


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