Coil Cleaner Goodway CC-400


This innovative system delivers 27,6 BAR of cleaning power at 11,4 LPM to quickly and safely flush dirt, debris, biological growth and more from thick evaporator and condenser coils. Traditional pressure washers damage coils with high-pressure spray. The CoilPro CC-400HF comes with a variety of wand attachments to match your application. Add CoilShine® coil cleaner solution to clean even better

Technical Features

  • 28 BAR at 11,4 LPM
  • Siphon tube to inject chemicals at 10:1 ratio
  • 3,7 m hose (additional 3,7 m extension hoses available)
  • 915 mm sectional 9,5 mm diameter stainless steel condenser wand
  • 460 mm wand with two nozzles (soap and flat spray)
  • Wide variety of custom attachments



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