Colour Sorter Machine Anzai STC Series


Based on many years of experience by the Japanese parent company ANZAI, the STC color sorter is the optimal machine if you want to select cereals, legumes or dried fruit such as hazelnuts.

The control panel is very simple to use, also thanks to the indicator lights it is easy to assess the status of the three sensors intended for the selection of the single grain or grain.

In addition, the system also includes the counting of the ejectors in order to determine the correct operation of the machine and its correct selection.

The STC color sorter mounts triple bichromatic photosensors that allow it to see and select even those products that do not have a solid color but multiple colors, such as borlotti beans.

The STC color sorter is available in two models: STC-01 with a single channel for an hourly flow of about 60 – 100 kg / hour (depending on the product) or the STC-02 with two channels for an hourly flow of about 120 – 180 kg / hour (depending on the product).

The STC color sorter over the years has been used for the selection of many different products such as: all types of cereals, beans, chickpeas, broad beans, peas, soy, coffee, hazelnuts.


Videos of the STC Series


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