Compact Rice Milling Zaccaria Rural ZX-3


The Rural ZX-3 Compact Rice Milling Machine was developed to attend the requirements of small farms and small rice mills. The compact rice milling machine model ZX-3 is modern and has the compact conception which guarantee excellent yield and polishing in the most rice varieties with a small area and power consumption requirement. During the ZX-3 manufacture, only high quality materials and precision process are used, passing through rigorous programs of tests and quality.

Thechnical Features

  • Feed hopper
  • Small cleaner to remove impurities
  • Husk separation chamber
  • Fan for husk suction
  • Horizontal whitening with abrasive system easily exchangeable screens and brakes
  • Simple and fast adjustment
  • Metallic base for electric motor
  • Oscillate screen set to separate small broken rice


  • Diesel transmission
  • Cyclone for husks
  • Metallic base
  • Bucket elevator including intake hopper
  • Length grader for rice grading including bucket elevator
  • Electric motor
  • Pre-Cleaner RURAL PLRZ-1


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