Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner Goodway TFC-200


Ever look at your cooling towers and cringe at the sight of scaled, efficiency-robbing fill? Now there’s a solution that actually works to remove scale, increase water flow and slow dangerous biological buildup. Clean, efficient towers can now be achieved through a combination of Goodway’s innovative chemical solutions and pump technology. Our new TFC-200 provides a complete all-in-one system for cleaning lime scale and debris from your cooling tower fill. Simple to operate, with the TFC-200, restoring tower fill couldn’t be easier. First rinse with 11,4 liter, 20,7 BAR, then apply our newly formulated ScaleBreak® -Gel cleaner, switch to turbo nozzle high- volume mode and rinse, that’s it! Watch as calcium lime scale deposits literally dissolve away, instantly restoring cooling system performance and lowering health risks. Equipped with two high-performance pumps, the state-of-the-art TFC-200 is powerful, yet safe while quickly removing scale and increasing efficiency.
Cooling Tower Descaling Chemical Spraying and Rinsing System, including 7,6 m chemical resistant hose, spray gun, two 91,4 cm stainless steel extension wands, Turbo nozzle, Foaming Nozzle, 15 ̊ spray nozzle, 40 ̊ chemical nozzle and a 45 ̊ quick connect adapter.

Technical Features

  • All-in-one system, compact, can be used virtually anywhere
  • Designed for ScaleBreak- Gel, the unique scale cleaner that clings to all surfaces for maximum scale-busting performance
  • Includes all wand extensions and nozzles for hard-to-reach areas
  • Heavy-duty, chemical resistant components and dolly
  • Internal compartment holds one standard 18,9 liter chemical container
  • Hose, wand and tool holders



Goodway TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner from GoodwayTechnologies on Vimeo.

TFC-200 DEMO V1 from GoodwayTechnologies on Vimeo.


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