Grain Moisture Meter Gehaka G939


The Grain Moisture Meter Gehaka G939 Series was developed in accordance with the quality standards required by national and international metrology regulatory organizations to allow moisture control throughout the process, either in harvesting, drying, storage and trade of grains and seeds. No operator dependence measured with high accuracy and repeatability moisture content of the sample in a few seconds.

Performs tests nondestructively. Just pour the indicated amount of sample at the receipt in the funnel meter and the Grain Moisture Meter Gehaka G939 automatically starts the measurement procedure, performing temperature and weight measurements of the product to then download it into the test chamber where it will be measure moisture.

The accuracy of the measurement of a wide range of products is guaranteed by the new self calibration function, which adjusts the measurement system before each measurement. The Grain Moisture Meter Gehaka G939 Series enables updating and selection of calibration curves via the Internet, through the unique system created by Gehaka.

The available G910 models are:
G939 STD No printer
G939 IP With compact thermal printer attached at the tester front panel.


Sixty eight are the default calibrations and up to 250 can be accommodated.

The calibration curves were obtained in the laboratory using standard methodology drying oven set on the international standards and are re-evaluated every year, considering all types of grains and seeds produced in Brazil and other countries.

It also has a new compensation algorithm to correct automatically the sample moisture due to the temperatures effects of the sample temperature and the meter.

The G939 calculate all necessary corrections and indicate at the alphanumeric display in the following readings of test sample:

  • The sample moisture percentage (%U).
  • Temperatures (ºC or ºF).

After each measurement the tester software generates reports that can be printed or transferred to a computer system recording of all measurement parameters, such as, sample moisture content; sample and tester temperatures; date and time; product name; sample weight; tester serial number; firmware, hardware and commodity calibration versions, according to the ISO / GLP and GMP procedures.


  • User manual
  • Oval plastic cup
  • DB9 x DB9 – RS232C connection cable
  • Chamber test cleaning brush



  • DB9 – RS232C / for standard USB adapter
  • Compact thermal printer, model IG200

Technical Features

  • Moisture measurement range: From 1 to 50%, depends of the product
  • Sample weight: Depends of the product
  • Electronic scale incorporated: 1.000 g ± 0,3 g
  • Tester operation temperature: From 0º to 50º C
  • Net weight of the tester: 5,7 kg
  • External dimensions: 345 x 311 x 192 mm
  • Energy source: Automatic input from 90 to 240 VAC / 50/60 Hz – Out put 5 VDC
  • Consume: 5 Watts
  • Type of port communication: Standard RS 232 C
  • Warranty: One year
  • Technical assistance: Contact the manufacturer or an authorized local service partner


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