Grain Moisture Tester Kett PM-450


The PM-450, version 4501 is a general purpose instrument for worldwide use. It will measure a wide variety of applications including wheat, corn, sunflowers, hazelnuts, coffee, etc.

Technical Features

  • Wide list of calibrations
    Version 4501 is used for grains, seeds, and other small products.
    Wide Measurement ranges
    The PM-450 can measure the moisture content in grain and seed samples between 1-40% depending on the grain and the PM-450 version.
    Automatic density and temperature correction
    The capacitance principle is affected by both density and temperature. The PM-450 includes an integrated scale and thermistor to automatically compensate for variation in both, ensuring accurate moisture measurement each time.
    Pre-programmed calibration curves
    Factory calibrations are provided so that the PM-450 is immediately usable.
    Automatic Power Off
    If no measurement or operation is performed for 3 minutes with the power on, the power is automatically turned off to maximize battery life.
    Average facility
    A sample average can be automatically calculated (simple arithmetic mean) for 2-9 tests.
    Stable load cell
    Improvements in the load cell provide even better weight measurement stability when compared with our earlier models.
    Versatile operation
    Lightweight, easy to hold, large buttons, audible and display icons (samples below) make the PM-450 an instrument anyone can use, in almost any environment.


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