Grainscope Kett TX-200


The Grainscope Kett TX-200 is a device for observing the exterior quality of polished and brown rice. By filtering out light from behind the sample, you can observe the shape and color quality of the grain. A magnifying lens and a sample tray that can be rotated while ascertaining the angle are also included. On top of that, a blue background for the sample has been prepared, so you will be able to clearly discern the properties of the polished or brown rice.

Technical Features

  • Measurable Sample
    Polished and brown rice
  • Light Source
    Fluorescent light 4W, white light (ZLP-701)
  • Operating Environment Temperature
  • Power Source
  • Power Source
    Batteries (“AA” Alkaline) x 4
    AC power supplied via the AC adapter
    AC power (input): AC100V (50/60Hz)
    AC power (output): DC6V 0.5A
  • Battery Life
    Continuous 5 hours This will vary slightly due to the battery’s condition or temperature of environment in which the unit is used.
  • Dimensions & Weight
    162(W)X134(D)X80(H)mm, 0.47kg
  • Accessories
    Small book “Rice Museum: Rice Quality Judgment Text”
    *This product comes with this small book. However, this book may also be purchased separately.
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