Harvest Machine ISEKI HVZ 218


Harvest Machine ISEKI is ideal for threshing rice, spealt, wheat, and barely.

Ever since its founding in the 30’s in Japan, Iseki is engaged in manufacturing of machinery for more efficient agriculture and evolved it possible to increase the yield of human labor at the same time making it less difficult and heavy.

There are different harvester machine models ISEKI but the common features are the following:

  • Diesel engine with high performance. 3-cylinder, 1498cc, 35 hp (26 kW), liquid-cooled
  • Easy maneuverability due to the multi-function joystick
  • Digital display large and visible to keep under control all machine values
  • HST Transmission: only one lever to manage the progress
  • Double cylinder threshing for increased threshing efficiency, durability and precision
  • Large container capacity 900 liters
  • Easy maintenance thanks to openable inspection cover with EASY-UP system


Download here the leaflet of the Harvester Machine ISEKI (3,2 MB).

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