Horizontal Rice Whitening Machine Zaccaria BHZ 3


A fantastic innovation in the Whitening System, which offers high performance, quality, index and efficiency, along with automation and precise control.Years of study have been invested in this ambitious project: A revolutionary mechanism of the bleaching system, combined with a new automatic process, to achieve greater efficiency. Thanks to these features, the BHZ-3 brings together best quality, high production and ease of use.

Technical Features

New Control System

The BHZ-3 has a Control System, with a modern interface, easy to use, where the entire manufacturing process is monitored and presented on the large color Display.

This new control system has been designed, in addition to the triggering and control of the device, performing the following functions, ensuring optimal work:

• Supervise and monitor the performance of the whitening machine

• Provide Adjustment and Setting Information

• Improve component diagnostics

• Attend a Periodic Maintenance Check

• Keep a History of the latest Processes, Updates and Status

New Loading System

The Rice now enters the BHZ-3, by a conveyor, with Load Control, regulated by a speed variator. Controlled by the Panel, the production can be set automatically by the System or in Manual.In the “Automatic Control” mode, the System regulates the flow of load, when it recognizes a variation (Example of Motor Current or Adjustment of Brakes), ensuring quality and homogeneity of the Whitening process.

New Adjustment System Brakes

The new Brake Adjustment System allows an accurate setting and records the information of the past adjustments.This is possible thanks to the Gearmotor, which moves the brakes back and forth, until the exact set position is read, sending the data to be recorded to the System and displayed on the Monitor.

New Structure

The BHZ-3 presents its new structure and special design, with its curved shapes, designed not only to give it a good appearance, but to eliminate the problem of accumulation and deposit of baked dough in the corners, and make it easier and faster. ‘inspection and cleaning, where you just have to pull the Fermi and open the bulkheads.

The output of the rice bran can be adjusted on both sides, to make the connection to the suction system easier.

With also its new column indicator, able to inform conditions / status of the BHZ-3, so that it can be remotely controlled, without necessarily having to be in front of the control panel.

The BHZ-3 has an articulated arm that supports the Control Panel. This support can be oriented on both sides for the best position of the operator.

New Software

• Diagnostics
The software has been designed to diagnose the system quickly and easily. The Viewer shows the status of the PLC, meters and indicators in real time, so as to allow the Technician to identify, possibly worn Parts. In addition, it is possible to do a “Manual Diagnostics”, activating / deactivating the various System controls.

• Historical
The software keeps a history, which shows on the Viewer the last 200 relevant events, in relation to the Machining, Adjustment or Diagnosis of the Machine. This History cannot be modified or deleted.

• Scheduled maintenance
The system was also designed to assist scheduled maintenance. Checking the working hours of the main parts, and considering their average duration, informs the period between maintenance and adjustment of the BHZ-3 components.


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