Husking and Whitening Machine in Continuous All-in-One Marumasu Pelicano


The Marumasu Pelicano is a continuous husker and whitener for rice of about 40 kg / hour of hourly capacity. This makes it ideal for agritourisms, small farms and small farmers. Once the machine is loaded and the engine is started, the paddy put in a circle is subjected to various passages until it becomes white as desired. The machine decorticates the grain-by-grain friction rice, the chaff is sucked in by the cyclone that expels it on the back of the machine in a big bag. Having a low pressure in the whitening chamber, it allows the rice to maintain a greater taste with a low percentage of breakages and therefore a high yield. The machine is completely faired with an electric motor and moving parts covered for safety purposes. Furthermore the machine is equipped with wheels to be easily transportable.

Technical Features

  • Machine immediately ready for use, just pour the paddy in the hopper and turn on the switch
  • Cyclone and filter of the husk and flour for a clean finished product without impurities
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Control ammeter to check motor absorption and correct operation without effort
  • Machine mounted on swivel wheels for easy transport anywhere
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