Husking and Whitening Machine in continuous OTAKE PM-500NE


The OTAKE PM-500NE machine allows you to bleach the rice and whiten it to taste, all in one pass.

The paddy is loaded into the hopper, then operating the ignition switch the machine takes the paddy and decorticates it separating the husk from the grain thanks to an internal fan that expels the husk and discharges it externally thanks to the settling cyclone.

The brown rice can now be further processed as desired. If you want a brown rice, operating a lever, the rice is not bleached further and simply comes out of the chute.

If instead you want to whiten the rice, thanks to an adjustment knob, you can even choose the degree of whiteness. In this way the customer can choose how white the rice is made.

The machine is equipped with comfortable wheels to be transported effortlessly and also has very compact dimensions in order to occupy little space inside the farm.

The hourly capacity of the machine is about 100 kg / hour for brown rice, while for white rice, depending on the desired whiteness, the hourly flow rate is about 30 – 35 kg / hour.

The OTAKE PM-500NE is the ideal machine for agritourisms, small family-run farms or even just for the small farmer who wants to work his own rice on the spot, quickly and easily.

Little curiosity: in Japan this machine is installed in supermarkets so that the customer can work the rice on the spot and go home with his own rice worked at will.


Download here the leaflet of the Husking and Whitening Machine in continuous OTAKE PM-500NE.


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