Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Goodway VAC-2 HEPA


You’ll enjoy the added versatility of both wet and dry performance plus certified safety with the dual-motor VAC-2-HEPA commercial vacuum. Dedicated intakes for both wet and dry operation make switching from one to the other a simple procedure. Featuring a large HEPA filter and increased horsepower, this unit handles fine, powdery particles just as well as it picks up heavy industrial debris. The superior filtration system ensures that only safe air will return from the exhaust.

Technical Features

  • Large HEPA filter
  • Change filter indicator light
  • 5 gallon paper filter collection bag
  • Plastic bag tank liner
  • Two heavy-duty motors
  • Exhaust muffler
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Liquid shut-off
  • Metal deflector
  • 11⁄2″ or 2″ hoses


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