Japanese stone remover with air closed circuit MARUSHITI


The air closed circuit stone remover is a machine designed to separate stones, even very small ones, from rice and cereals.

Its operating system is as simple as it is innovative: the product descends from a hopper and enters the stone remover by resting on an oscillating toothed grid. This grid has an adjustable inclination and under this grid there is a constant breath of air that creates a sort of air bed on which the cereal slides forward while the stones that are notoriously heavier proceed in reverse thanks to the toothed grid oscillating.

The result is that the rice or ceral comes out perfectly clean from the stones from the front slide, while the stones are collected in a specific compartment glued on the back of the machine.

Compared to traditional stone removers, MARUSHITI closed circuit stone separators have a much lower energy consumption and much smaller dimensions as well as a much higher efficiency in stone removal.

The Japanese MARUSHITI stone remover with air closed circuit exist in different sizes depending on the hourly flow rate to be worked: 300 kg / hour, 900 kg / hour, 1500 kg / hour, 2400 kg / hour and 3600 kg / hour.



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