Moisture balance Kett FD-720


Kett FD-720 moisture balance provides all of the features found in competitive models at thousands less than their price. This simple-to-use device allows the user to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content in any liquid or solid. Using the principle of loss on drying, the FD720 automatically weighs a sample, dries it, measures the weight loss due to drying and calculates the moisture (or solid) content of the product. Kett Moisture Balances are ideal for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, pulp/paper products, polymers and most products containing organic substances. Tests can be conducted by personnel of any skill level and can be used both at-line and in the laboratory.

Technical Features

Simple Operation Yet Extremely Versatile
To operate, simply set the time and temperature for the test, place the sample into the heating tray, close the lid and press start. The test will run to completion, and the moisture content will be automatically shown on the large LC Display. 120gram sample capacity is larger than all halogen systems, providing the ability to accurately measure non-homogenous samples. Seven measurement modes, 10 product drying programs, and 100 test memory provides tremendous versatility. Data can be output to
optional printers or PC’s for full traceability. This feature as well as password protection for instrument and program settings allows you to maintain GMP, GLP, and ISO compliance.

Designed for Years of Stable Use
The mid-ir quartz heating element lasts 5-10 times longer than halogen or older infrared heat sources. The patented Kett internal auto-taring system systematically checks and
adjusts the balance during testing to ensure that each test is accurately measured, even when conducted over long periods (up to four hours of continuous drying). Integrated
temperature compensation, sealed membrane keypad, and simple operation all combine to provide years of service from the FD720. Kett stands behind the FD720 with a full
Three-Year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. Kett’s dependability and reliability allow you to productively focus on improving your product’s quality and not waste time calibrating and verifying our gauges.

A full set of accessories is available for the FD720. Disposable aluminum weigh pans, dispersion sand for liquid testing, weight standards for calibration, temperature calibrator, sample grinder, output cables for PC/Printer connection and an optional thermal printer provide the user with a solution for any moisture testing project.


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