Octagonal Cylinder Tiger R-series Rice Up


The octagonal cylinder TIGER R-SERIES is the essential machinery for separating the immature grains from the rice in order to have a better product at the end of the processing chain. The machine is very simple: it is an octagonal cylinder with slits (there are different types of cylinders depending on the variety of rice to be processed) these slits are calibrated to pass (fall) the immature rice grains and make run instead all along the cylinder the ripe rice grains. The machine then has two exits, from which the immature grits that go into the waste and the healthy grains come out, which are then usually taken from the elevator and then go to the next processing.

Technical Features

  • Machine very simple to use and to install
  • Interchangeable octagonal cylinders for each variety of rice
  • Motorized
  • Extendable legs with wheels for easy transport
  • Possibility of having it in different sizes depending on the desired hourly flow rate
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