Oil samplers model PP


Metal samplers made with standard DSTU 4488:2005 are designed for sampling Oils and petroleum products from stationary tanks and transport tanks from any height (horizon) in order to determine its quality indicators.

Samplers are manufactured in next types:

PP-1 and PP-2- For sampling from bottom;
PP-3 – for sampling to a removable unit (for example: bottle), attached to a metal body;
PP-4, PP4/2 – with bottom with increased weight
PP-5 – for sampling at different heights (horizons)
PP-6 – for sampling from narrow necks of tanks (small holes).


Sampler PP-2 / 107,50 EURO.

D, mm … 60

L, mm … 443

Volume, dm 3 … 0,7

Weight, kg … 2,1


PP-1 PP-2

Sampler PP-4 – 174,80 EURO.

D, mm … 116

L, mm … 200

Volume, dm 3… 1,2

Weight, kg … 3,5



PP-4 PP-4/2

Sampler PP-4/2 – 239,30 EURO

D, mm … 83 PP-3 PP-4 PP-4/2

L, mm … 250

Volume, dm 3 … 0,9

Weight, kg … 2,2


Sampler PP-5 – 80,68 EURO

D, mm … 78

L, mm … 617

Volume, dm 3… 0,9

Weight, kg … 3


Sampler PP-6 – 80,68 EURO

D, mm … 47

L, mm … 700

Volume, dm 3… 0,385

Weight, kg … 2,0

PP-5 PP-6

Universal samplers POM-1 – 85,00 EURO

Samplers POM-1/650 and POM-1/1000 may be used to control the quality of fuels and oil type products at any place.

Universal sampler POM-1 allows user to gather a sample from the bottom of reservoir and from any set height (horizon, level).

Technical characteristics:



Volume, мл
Diameter, мм
Height, мм
Weight, кг

Device and principle of operation:

Sampler is made of: Body – 2; Sampler – 1; Cup- 3; Stock – 4; Valve (flap) – 5; Tighten ring – 6, Ear- 7 and Ring – 8 (see picture above1).
•With the help of a string (rope), which is tied to an earring, the sampler is lowered to the bottom of the tank (reservoir) , from which it is necessary to take a sample. When the sample hit the bottom of the tank, the sampling stock of sampler moves upwards and opens the valve (flap), in result you gather a sample from bottom.
If you need to gather sample from set height, you need to tie an additional string (rope) to ear –(6) and when sampler reach the set height, you need to open the valve (flap) manually.
When you pull out the sampler, flap automatically closes under weight of load.

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