Optical Q-Sorter Anzai MK


The World’s First Moldy Peanut Sorting Machine

Anzai Manufacturing Company, Ltd., the man­ufacturer widely known for its Alsomac brand, has developed a machine that detects moldy peanuts and then separates them from accept­able peanuts, Anzai is the first and only company to develop this kind of device.

The Q-Sorter (the “Q” stands for quality) in­spects the interior of each peanut kernel, then rejects moldy peanuts, thus improving the overall quality of an entire batch.

The Q-Sorter is not a color sorter, Convention­al color sorters detect differences in surface color among peanut kernels and then sort them based on these differences.
The Q-Sorter however, instantly detects quality changes to the interior of a peanut’s kernel caused by mold changes that surface color does not reveal.

The Q-Sorter does this through the use of a penetrating light spectrum near the infrared level.

The detection and sorting ability of the Q­Sorter will certainly provide a sense of relief for members of the peanut industry worried about moldy peanuts, allowing them to provide a consistently high-quality product to consum­ers.

Anzai Manufacturing Company, Ltd., is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to public health, even in a small way, through reliable peanut sorting,

Principle of Operation:

    • 1. the product put into the hopper
    • 2. is fed through the feeder
    • 3. to the chute
    • 4. for alignment, then passes on the light beam
    • 5. which is made by the light beam generating unit
    • 6. When a sub- standard nut passes that point, the sensor
    • 7. checking a penetrating light signals the main amplifier
    • 8. to activate the ejector
    • 9. to remove that nut


Program Operation:

    • Control Display Unit (Monitor) All adjustments are displayed numerically on the Control Dispiay Unit. Also, several oper­ations, including sensitivity adjustment and timing adjustment for the ultra -high speed ejector (electron gun) , can be easily oper­ated from the keyboard. This data is then stored in the memory unit, with these fea­tures, everyone who operates the Q- Sorter can obtain the same sorting accuracy.
    • Continuous Rejection Rate Display Unit The number of moldy peanuts rejected by the Q-Sorter and the number of good peanuts accepted by the machine both appear on a digital display. In addition, the rejection rate of unacceptable peanuts is continuously dis­played in percentage, allowing a user to cal­culate sorting yield rates at a glance.
    • Automatic “Zero” Point Adjustment System A built- In automatic “Zero” Point Adjustment System keeps the Q-Sorters electronic cir­cuits in proper working condition at all times, ensuring consistent sorting accuracy.
  • Automatic Light Strength Compensation System The Automatic Light Strength Compensation System prevents reduced sorting accuracy caused by weakened light strength due to low light at the light source or by accumulated dust on the light beam generating unit.


  • Normal Nut (OK)
  • Slightly damaged nut (rejected)
  • Heavly damaged nut (rejected)



Video della Selezionatrice Ottica Anzai MK, mentre seleziona mandorle.

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