Optical Sorter Anzai BM-100D


The Anzai Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the most advanced manufacturer of machines for the optical selection in Japan.

As evidence of this, he developed the optical sorter model BM-100D, equipped with a special conveyor belt that allows a much more stable transportation of the product to be selected than the slides.

This allows a quality of much more accurate selection and a higher range.

Operating principles of the Optical Sorter Anzai BM-100D

  • Background
  • Sensor
  • Lamp
  • Ejector
  • Belt
  • Good
  • Dismissed

Soarting Sample

  • Soy: Good/Dismissed
  • Navy Beam: Good/Dismissed
  • Black Soy Beam: Good/Dismissed
  • White Rice: Good/Dismissed
  • Cargo Rice: Good/Dismissed
  • Mile: Good/Dismissed


Optical Sorter Anzai BM-100D is:

  • designed to select as many cereal products : rice , paddy , soybeans and millet
  • equipped with 20 optical sensors
  • easily to use for an essential control panel
  • guarantee of low consumption dictated by a low air consumption
  • designed to make it even easier cleaning and maintenance
  • provided the new self-cleaning function that holds the selection chamber always clean in order to ensure optimal selection

Technical Features

Model n. BM-100D
  • Length: 1585 mm
  • Depth: 476 mm
  • Height: 927 mm
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Required Power: Single-Phase 100V, 0,24 KW, 0,32 KVA
  • Air Compression: 1,5kg/min
  • Belt Speed: 100 m/min
  • Belt Depth: 100 mm
  • n. ejectors 10
  • n. lamp: 4 special fluorescent
  • Capacity (soy beam) (T/h): 200-600 kg/h


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