Optical Sorter Hyper Max HMT


  • High capacity: 25t~10t/h
  • High efficency 320x channels
  • New electronics technology with control EJ
  • CCD camera system with multiple sensitivity
  • Color touch panel allows easily use
  • Sort parameters can be saved as a back-up on the CF card
  • Auto-Calibration system
  • Easy cleaning
  • Memory Errors system
  • Diagnostic Remote System, (Optional Net Sort)

    • Flexibility: choice of “all 1 review/1st pass and review/1st and 2nd review


    • Multiple sensitivity with the new CCD sensors: optical sorter Anzai Hyper Max offers many applications thanks to its multiple sensitivity


  • Intelligent ejectors: ejectors have an intelligent control system that prevents the product from ending up in the discard good


  • Easy use and memories: large color control panel touch screen. In addition, all settings can be saved to memory selection


  • Auto-calibration: optical sorter Anzai Hyper Max periodically calibrates automatically to guarantee the highest performance selection


  • Easy to clean: optical sorter Anzai Hyper Max is easy to clean because it is designed taking into account the routine maintenance


  • Boot system special vibrators: vibrators are a system that prevents the loss of product at startup and it’s inserted after the passage of the brush

Technical Features

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