Paddy Husker Zaccaria DAZ/CFR-6000SI-R10


Looking for constant research and development, Zaccaria created a new Paddy Husker, model DAZ/CFR-6000SI-R10. The Paddy Husker model DAZ-6000SI, that works with international standard 10×10 rubber rolls, is assembled with the husking chamber separation model CFZR-6000. This chamber has a screw which ensures better efficiency in rice distribution, due the perfect distribution of rice flow which achieve a good husk separation. For companies that are looking for a Paddy Husker and Chamber with good cost-benefit, for sure this is the best option. Zaccaria has been using the state-of-the-art technology and high quality components, ensuring high productivity with low levels of broken grains and low consumption of rubber rolls.

Technical Features

  • Equipped with high and low level sensors ensuring a uniform process.
  • Set of hydraulic damping, exclusivity by Zaccaria which ensures a uniform husking operation with less vibration, thereby providing a better husking index with lower pressures and less broken kernel.
  • Closed circuit husking chamber.
  • Adjustable distribution screw, thereby ensuring a better rice distribution.
  • Safety device against rice jam at the screw’s output.
  • Maintenance structure with handrail (optional) increasing the operator security.
  • Feed Hopper (optional).
  • Feeding system manufactured in stainless steel increases the durability of the components, due to abrasiveness of paddy rice.
  • Cooler system for rubber rolls, reducing the temperature thereby increasing its durability and improving the husking rate.


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