Pneumatic Separator Anzai 3300


Anzai Pneumatic Separator is capable of separating any kinds of dry granular products on the basis of their weight, size, and volume, therefore, this machine is widely applied in various industries.

Uses – Farm Products

Coffe Bean, Red Bean, Kidney Bean, Navy Bcan, Corn, Green Pea, Other Grain, Elc.
Peanut, Almond, Cashew

Uses –Industrial Products

Active carbon, mica, limestone, quite lime, silica, plastic pellet, medicine, tablet, ore, ecc…

Technical Features

  • Size (mm): length 1025, height 2015, depth 1065
  • Weight: 150 Kg
  • Required Power: 200V 0,75 – 1,5 Kw
  • Capacity (maximum): 600 – 1000 Kg/h


Download here the leaflet of the Pneumatic Separator Anzai 3300 (6,4 MB).

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