Powder Whiteness Tester Kett C130


This instrument measures the degree of white of different types of powder products such as starch, flour, sugar, spices and cement.
The Powder Whiteness Tester Kett C130 is more compact and lighter than the previous model C-100. The amount of sample required for the test was reduced by virtue of the design of a new type of sampler.

Furthermore, the sampling method has been simplified further. Minor preparation time and less time adjusting the sensitivity on power measurements allow much faster.

The use of LED technology allows for the light source, also, to have a reduced energy consumption as well as a very low internal overheating.

In order to have an accuracy of measurements solutions is necessary to keep the crystal that acts as a filter, cleaned regularly. A new design of this glass makes cleaning quick and easy.

Her measurements contained and its ability to make very precise measurements with a quantity of sample size make the Powder Whiteness Tester Kett C130 an indispensable appliance for measurement laboratories accredited more.


A compact and eco-friendly
The smaller size than the previous model C-100 allow the new Powder Whiteness Tester Kett C130 to have an electrical installation space of just half. The quantity of product necessary to the test sample is anche’esso further reduced. The use of blue LED for the light source in addition to having a low power consumption, they have a considerably longer.Speed and simplicity of the test
The device is ready in just 20 seconds from power. To perform the test, simply insert the product into the measuring cup champion (1), place the measuring cup on the tray-sample test (2), push the drawer test with the sample-measuring spoon inside the Powder Whiteness Tester Kett C130 (3).Automatic sensitivity adjustment
The sensitivity can be checked at any time thanks to the standard sample of reference, as supplied with the appliance. In the previous model C-100 sensitivity adjustment was performed before each measurement.
Now, with the Powder Whiteness Tester Kett C130 this is no longer necessary, since it is the same device to alert the operator when it is necessary to calibrate the machine. The operation is very simple: enter the reference standards into the sample and press the button to adjust the sensitivity.Easy maintenance
Remove the tray and flip the power, clean the glass with the cloth and the special brush delivered as standard.

Technical Features

  • Measuring method: measurement of reflectivity
  • Measurement Products: various kinds of powdery substances (starch, flour, flour tapioka, cement etc. …)
  • Subject measurement: Whiteness (other than JIS whiteness)
  • Measurement range: 5.0 – 120.0
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • quantity sample: 5.5 g approx. (starch)
  • Display method: fluorescent display
  • Functions: calibration curve, sensitivity adjustment, media, printer output
  • Temperature range. and humidity: Temperature: 5 -40 ° C, Humidity: 30-85% (non-condensing)
  • Light Source: LED Blue
  • External output: RS-232C
  • Power supply: 100 – 120V AC, 200 – 240 AC (50/60 Hz)
  • Consumption: Max: 16 W Normal: 4 W
  • Weight & dimensions: 375 L x 220 lx 250 H mm / 7.0 Kg
  • Accessories: Audition calibration standards, sample tray, n.5 dishes for sampling, sample support plate, spatula, brush, cleaning brush, glass wipers, spare fuse, power cord, AC adapter, instruction manual, guide to sampling.
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