Rice Milling Machine Zaccaria ZX-25

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The Zaccaria Rice Milling Machine model ZX-25 was developed to achieve the requirements of small rice milling industries. This compact machine is easily operated and produce up to 900 kg/h of white rice with a final product of excellent quality.

Technical Features

  • Elevator for discharge hopper (optional).
  • Pre-cleaner PLRZ-1 (optional).
  • Elevator for the pre-cleaner outlet (optional).
  • Brown rice and whitening unit AIZX-25.
  • Aspiration system for bran and husk.
  • Outlet elevator of the brown rice and whitening unit AIZX-25.
  • Brush polisher PEZX-50 or WPZ-30/S (optional).
  • Elevator for polisher outet (optional).
  • Sieve PZX-25 fine broken rice.
  • Elevator for PZX-25 outlet (optional).
  • Length grader TRIDC-25 (optional)
  • Elevator for length grader TRIZX-25 outlet (optional)


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