Rice Milling Machine Zaccaria ZX-50

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The Zaccaria Rice Milling Machine model ZX-50 was developed to meet the needs of small and medium rice mills. This compact machine requires low power, provides excellent yields and produces high quality rice.


Technical Features

  • Bucket elevators.
  • Brown rice unit model AIZX-50 (consisting of: paddy husker, husk aspirator, and paddy separator).
  • Exhauster model EFZ-2R.
  • Horizontal whitening machines model BHZX-25 or BVZ-3.
  • Brush polisher model PEZX-50 or WPZ-30/S (optional)
  • Bucket elevator for brush polisher PEZX-50 (optional)
  • Grading sieve model PZX-50.
  • Length grader model TRIZ (optional)
  • Bucket elevators for length grader model TRIZ (optional)
  • Exhauster EFZ-2.


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