Rice Whiteness Tester Kett C600


The Kett C600 is designed to measure the whiteness of rice. Rice whiteness directly correlates with the amount of milling.
Therefore, you can use this device to indirectly measure the milling percentage of a rice sample (glutinous and non-glutinous).

To make a test, simply insert sample case containing rice. Both the number of measurements and the whiteness value will be immediately displayed.
The vacuume fluorescent display has excellent visibility, making it easy for anyone to see the measurement.

By using the supplied sample cup and “fixed quantity”shooter, a costant sample amount is tested,substantially reducing measurement variation.


Lightweight and Compact
Compared with the C-300, The Rice Whiteness Tester Kett C600 is 3kg lighter and 23.5cm shorter in depth.Immediate Measurement
Because of the improved sensitivity calibration, the first measurement can be conducted within 20 seconds of powering the C600.One Click Sensitivity Adjustment
By measuring the included optical standard, instrument sensitvity can be maintained. Simply pres the “STD” button and the instrument is automatically adjusted to factory specifications. This feature eliminates the need for complicated field adjustmentsEasy Maintenance
Besides the sample case, only one part needs to be kept clean to ensure accurate measurements – the Glass Filter. Simply open the front cover, remove, clean and replace.

Technical Features

  • Principle: Light Reflectance
  • Products: Polished, Brownand Pre-washed rice – Glutinous and Non-Glutinous
  • Measured Item: Whitness
  • Range:5.0 – 69.0
  • Resolution: 0.1
  • Display: Fluorescent LED
  • Functions: Whiteness, Average
  • Environment: Temperature 5〜40C, Humidity: 30〜85%RH (non-condensing)
  • Light Source: Blue LED
  • External Output RS-232C
  • Power: AC100〜240V(50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 35W(100V), 60W(240V)
  • Dimension/Weight: 290(W)×29(5 D)×185(H)mm 5.0kg
  • Accessories: Whiteness standard plate, sample case, sample platter, fixed quantity shooter, sample cup, main unit cover, glass wipe, replacement sponge, replacement packing (x3), replacement fuse, power cord, power plug, adapter, use manual
  • Printer (VZ-330), Printer Cable (VZC-14)
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