Rotatory Duct Cleaner Goodway AQ-R1500B


Are mold, dust and pollen creating dangerous environmental conditions in your HVAC system? If words like “nasty,” “festering” and “toxic” come to mind when thinking about your ducts, then you should see why so many professional technicians trust the Goodway AQ-R1500B Rotary Duct Cleaner for healthy, efficient system operation. The AQ-R1500B snakes around bends at brush speeds of up to 1,500 rpm to dislodge harmful deposits. It’s so easy to operate that only one person with minimal training can thoroughly clean an entire system in very little time.
Duct Cleaner, including adjustable speed control, mobile dolly, tool storage box and belt switch

Technical Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Speed control to set shaft rotation to optimum speed for each application
  • Reversible shaft rotation
  • Interchangeable cleaning tools
  • Integrated dolly
  • Simultaneous vacuum
  • Belt switch activation


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