Stereo microscope sets KERN OSE-4-OZL-9-OZM-9

Stereo microscope sets KERN OSE-4-OZL-9-OZM-9

Predefined stereo microscope sets with ECO universal stand and illumination for your functional workplace


  • Sets which have already been defined (except OSE 409), consisting of a stereo microscope head (p. 81), a universal stand (p. 86/87), a holder (p. 88), a ring illumination (p. 90)and a dust cover (p. 88) from our range
  • Simple – convenient – affordable
  • This saves you spending time on configuration and being spoilt for choice in the combination of different components. In this way you get an in expensive and highly-flexible solution for your microscope workplace


Download the brochure of Stereo microscope sets KERN OSE-4 · OZL-9 · OZM-9

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