Stone Mill Machine Osttiroler A 700 MSM


Osttiroler Getreidemühlen (East Tyrol grain mills, stone mills) with an integrated flour sieve machine, called Stone Mills – Combi.
Due to this combination it is possible with just one device to produce not only whole-meal, but also white flour and semolina. The grain is ground between the stones and sifted in the built-in sieve.

In this way you can obtain fine flour, fine semolina, coarse semolina and bran in just one operation with the Stone mills machine Osttiroler A 700 MSM.
By changing the sieves in the built-in sieve you can vary the fineness of any flour or semolina.

The simple construction enables the sieves to be changed easily and also allows for easy cleaning of the stone mill. They are also suitable for continuous operation.


Download here the leaflet of the Stone mills machine Osttiroler A 700 MSM (14,3 MB).


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