Tube Cleaner Goodway AWT-100


For situations where electricity is not available or desirable, the air-powered AWT-100 is up to the task. Both portable and lightweight, the AWT-100 is perfect for tight spaces and remote locations. With the appropriate cleaning tool attached, the flexible shaft will loosen unwanted deposits while the shaft casing provides water to flush out the loosened debris for better system efficiency. The unit also does double duty as a dry tube cleaner when accompanied by a Dry Pickup Attachment and Vacuum.
Air-powered Tube Cleaner, including adjustable speed/torque control, Quick Connect air and water fittings, and single-direction foot switch.

Technical Features

  • Air-powered
  • Compact
  • Speed/torque control to set shaft rotation to optimum speed for each application
  • Quick Connect threadless shaft manifold
  • Interchangeable cleaning tools
  • Simultaneous water flush
  • Foot switch activation
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