Tube Cleaning Goodway RAM-6


The RAM-6 is equipped with a reversible motor for cleaning internally enhanced tubes. The two-direction foot switch permits forward rotation for entering the tubes and reverse rotation for exiting. While the design of the brush and the spiral in the tube causes the brush to be self propelled through the tube, the variable speed of the RAM-6 allows you to set the brush rotation speed to match the natural feed rate of the spiral in your tube, preventing slip and allowing the brush to thoroughly clean both, the lands and the grooves of the tube.

Technical Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Speed control to set shaft rotation at optimum speed for each application
  • Quick Connect threadless shaft manifold
  • Interchangeable cleaning tools
  • Integrated heavy-duty contractor dolly and large pneumatic tires
  • Integral 34,5 BAR pump provides simultaneous cleaning solution injection; and increased water pressure and flow over standard units
  • Foot switch activation
  • Reversible shaft rotation
  • Liquid chemical injection


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